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If you visit Karimunjawa islands there is only ONE place which provides detail information about the islands. The place that will inform you where to go, how to spend the days, sightseeing, best accommodations at every price range, even culinary and local culture.

The place named ‘Seasky’. Located near the market of the island and you can walk 30 minutes from the arrival harbour. Instead of foreign information service Seasky also provide services like private trip, sea cruise, scuba dive, island hopping, guide etc. Most Karimunjawa local people cannot speak English, so Seasky will help you to explore the amazing nature and exotic life of Karimunjawa.

With our long experience in tourism, we know exactly what foreign tourist need during the visit. Recently we can only speak in three languages, German, English and Japanese. Since safety and your pleasure became our main priority, we always improve our services and equipments from time to time. See you in Karimunjawa Islands Indonesia.

Here are few tips before visit Karimunjawa:

  • ·         If you are in a very tight schedule such as chasing a plane or anything, please check on the boat schedule on arrival at the harbor and make sure you got the ticket for return.

  • ·         There is a bad season for visit Karimunjawa islands, we call it ‘Baratan’ season, usually between December to March. It’s the season when the wave and wind reach the highest level. It causes no boat schedule for days even weeks.

  • ·         Only one ATM on the island, and they only accept Mastercard. So if you a Visa card holder its strongly recommend to make a withdrawal before. For foreign currency the money changer only accept US$ and Euro.

  • ·         There are only very few people who can speak English fluently, and sometimes from our experience, they often misunderstood. 

  • If don’t have any recommendation for accommodation or any other activities, Seasky would like to help you to give suggestions and recommendations for free.
  • Seasky is a non endorsed tourist information and services, we offer recommendations based on customers feedback.

Luxury or backpacker, we treat with the same hospitality and services. Its become our asset to gain more trust to be the most reliable tour guide and information center. 

Private boat trip with premium services, price start from reasonable and affordable price.


Time : 08.00-17.00

Price includes:

  1. 2 Islands hopping
  2. 3 snorkling areas
  3. Snorkling equipments
  4. Life jacket
  5. English / German / Japanese guide
  6. Lunch and water
  7. Sunset coffee
  8. Full information services during in Karimunjawa.
You can choose the islands or take our highly recommended places
and non-touristic beautiful and secret areas.


( Licensed divers only)

Price Includes:

  1. Dive master guide
  2. Two dives at ship wrecks and corals
  3. Private boat
  4. ! island hopping between dives
  5. Scuba diving equipments
  6. Underwater camera
  7. Grilled fish lunch and coffee
  8. English / German / Japanese guide
  9. Log book sign
  10. Full information services during in Karimunjawa


Price Entiled:

  1. Pick you up from Semarang airport or Jepara City to Karimunjawa islands
  2. The best accomodations option, you can choose beach or mountain location
  3. 2 days private boat trip to 4 finest islands and 6 snorkling spots
  4. 24 hours transportation service
  5. 1 day land tour and cultural trip
  6. Breakfast and lunch
  7. English / German / Japanese guide
  8. Full information services during your visit in Karimunjawa


Price Entiled:

  1. Pick you up at Karimunjawa harbor
  2. Fine accomodation, you can choose beach or mountain location
  3. 2 days private boat trip to 4 finest islands and 6 snorkling spots
  4. 1 day land tour and cultural trip
  5. Breakfast and lunch
  6. English / German / Japanese guide
  7. Full information services during your visit in Karimunjawa


We can arrange the most affordable but satisfying package for backpackers.
Just drop by and see what can we do for you enjoy the island.

After snorkling in the best areas we had a lunch under the warmth of the sun, we have a 'secret surprises' for your quality of the tour itself.

You've got to see for yourself how amazing it is, and we are here to make your beautiful and memorable journey lasts forever.

Simple things sometimes gave you the great moment of a life time, Seasky Karimunjawa offers the best no matter who you are and where you came from. 

You will have it all, the sea and the sky, even in between.

We Believe In Good Karma

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If you have any question feel free to call or text us
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